January 30, 2016

Dr. Arabinda Mitra visits Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University

On 30th January, 2016, Global Change Programme-Jadavpur University paid host to Dr. Arabinda Mitra, Adviser & Head, International Cooperation (Bilateral), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and the Co-Chair of the US-India Science and Technology Endowment Fund (USISTEF), who was on a visit to review the progress of the IUSSTF Project “Commercializing a Scalable Low-Cost Arsenic Remediation Technology for Societal Impact”.

Dr. Mitra visited the Civil Engineering Department of Jadavpur University accompanied by Professor Joyashree Roy, Professor Anupam Debsarkar and project personnel to understand the working of the 600litre ECAR prototype model in the Environmental Engineering laboratory. The sludge management process was also elaborated upon in detail, emphasizing how this aspect of the process was a separate study altogether. Dr. Mitra also visited the concrete laboratory of the department where the arsenic sludge is converted into concrete blocks as a part of the waste disposal technique.

The visit to the laboratory was followed by a Powerpoint presentation providing an overview of the entire project at the Global Change Programme office which was anchored by Professor Joyashree Roy. Those present at the meeting were Professor Roy, Professor Anupam Debsarkar, and project personnel, Monalisa Ghosh, Jayanta Talukder, Abhisek Roy, Joe Charbonnet, Elizabeth Charbonnet and Sudipta Ghosh Nath.


[Photo description: Clockwise from top left- Visiting the ECAR prototype at JU Lab, Visiting the concrete lab at the Dept. of Civil and Env. Engg. JU, Dr. Arabinda Mitra in interaction, Prof.  Joyashree Roy presenting the backgrond of the study of the IUSSTF funded project]