The GCP-JU strives hard to equip itself with relevant infrastructural facilities and resources which are available for use by students, research scholars, faculty members etc. Over the past few years, we have expanded our capacity and the resources, presently, available at GCP-JU are 13 computers, 3 laptops, 5 tabs and 1  projection equipment.

The GCP-JU has developed a small documentation unit in order to cater to the academic and research needs of a faculty, research scholars and students. Presently, the Documentation Unit has 268 Books, 850 Reports, 62 Titles of Journals/ Magazines, 53 Papers, 8 CDs, 28 Maps, 45 Unpublished Dissertation and Thesis for reference.


Reading Room Facility and Study Space

The GCP-JU provides a study space with access to 11 onsite computers and an interactive environment where the scholars can avail the opportunity to meet and learn from other students, researchers, and faculty members from across several disciplines. Many of these multidisciplinary learning agents add to the holistic approach of the GCP-JU vision on a day-to-day level with their interests and expertise cutting across a variety of fields. Accessing the onsite study space at the GCP-JU, therefore, offers an opportunity to using, both, the Documentation Unit and a proactive applied learning enabled within a dynamic intellectual space of exchange between scholars and academics.