• Adrija Pal

    Emai  : adrijapal.ju@gmail.com

    Adrija Pal obtained her Bachalor’s degree with Honours in Economics in 2011 from Jadavpur University following which she completed her Master..... Read More

  • Ankita Palit

    Email : ankita.palit@gmail.com

    Ankita Palit has worked as a Research Associate at GCP during May 2010 - Jan 2011 and few months in 2011-12. Her key job responsibilities incl..... Read More

  • Aparajita Banerjee

    Email : aparajita.mahapatra@gmail.com

    Aparajita Banerjee worked in GCP during August 2009 to April 2010.While working in GCP she was responsible for the project titled ‘Climate Re..... Read More

  • Breeta Banerjee

    Email : breeta0@gmail.com

    Breeta Banerjee has been working with global change programme, Jadavpur University since February 2014 as a research assistant. She has worked..... Read More

  • DebalinaChakravarty

    Email : c.debalina85@gmail.com

    Debalina Chakravarty was a Research Assistant at Global Change Program, Jadavpur University from April, 2010-October, 2010. She was working on the ..... Read More

  • Diya Ganguly

    Email : diya.ganguly5@gmail.com

    Diya Ganguly worked as a Project Assistant at Global Change Programme- Jadavpur University during August, 2013-February, 2014. She was involved in ..... Read More

  • Gopa Ghosh

    Email : gopaghosh37@yahoo.com

    Gopa Ghosh has completed her undergraduate studies in Economics as a major from Bidhannagar Govt. College (2007) and obtained a post graduate degre..... Read More

  • Kuheli Mukhopadhyay

    Email : kuheli.gcpju@gmail.com

    Kuheli Mukhopadhyay is currently working in the capacity of a Research Associate at Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University (GCP-JU). Her rese..... Read More

  • Manisha Dolui

    Email :  manisha88.jugcp@gmail.com

    Manisha Dolui completed her undergraduate studies in Zoology as a major from Scottish Church College (2009) and obtained a post graduate degree fro..... Read More

  • Mitali Dasgupta

    Email : mitalipal@gmail.com

    Mitali Dasgupta was aa UGC Post-Doctoral Fellow at Global Change Programme from April 2011 to May 2014. Her research was on aspects of energy effic..... Read More

  • Monalisa Ghosh

    Email : monalisaghosh16@gmail.com

    Monalisa Ghosh has completed her Graduation and Post graduation from the Department of Economics, Jadavpur University in year 2012 and 2014 respect..... Read More

  • Nandini Das

    Email : nandiinii.das@gmail.com

    Nandini Das works in the capacity of a Research Assistant at Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University (GCP-JU). Her research interests revolve ..... Read More

  • Payal Sen

    Email : payalsen27@yahoo.co.in

    Payal Sen completed an M.A. in Sociology from Jadavpur University in 2009 during which she was a recipient of SYLFF fellowship (M.A. level, 2008-20..... Read More

  • Pragya Gupta

    Email : gupta.pragya18@gmail.com

    Pragya Gupta completed her graduation in Economic (Honors) from Calcutta University and post graduation in Economics from University of Pune.She ha..... Read More

  • Preeti Kapuria

    Email : pkapuria@gmail.com

    Preeti Kapuria is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Global Change Programme since 2013. Her research has mainly been on studying the dynamics of human-e..... Read More

  • Rupsa Bhowmick

    Email : jugcp.rupsa89@gmail.com

    Rupsa Bhowmick is working as a project assistant in GCP-JU since August, 2013. She is working on a project titled ‘Composite Sustainability I..... Read More

  • Satabdi Datta

    Email : sdatta.eco@gmail.com

    Satabdi Datta has been working with Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University (GCP-JU) since December, 2012 as a Project Fellow in the research ..... Read More

  • Sayantan Sarkar

    Email : sayantan101@gmail.com

    Sayantan Sarkar was associated with GCP-JU during June 2012 – April 2013, first as a part-time postdoctoral researcher (June-November 2012) a..... Read More

  • Sayanti Mitra

    Email : sayanti.mitra@gmail.com

    Sayanti Mitra was the Project Manager at GCP during January 2011 - August 2013 and looked after the overall administration of the Programme, regula..... Read More

  • Shyamasree Dasgupta

    Email : shyamasree.dasgupta@gmail.com

    Shyamasree Dasgupta worked as a Post Doctoral research associate at Global Change Programme in the project “Commercializing a scalable low co..... Read More

  • Smita Sinha (Barua)

    Email : smitasinha.ee@gmail.com

    Smita Sinha (Barua) completed her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from MeghnadSaha Institute of Techology in the year 2010.She obtained her M.E in..... Read More

  • Sohini Ghosh

    Email : sohinighosh9@gmail.com

    Sohini Ghosh worked with Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University as a research assistant. She has worked on " Assessing Leakage Risk..... Read More

  • Suman Dutta

    Email : suman.duttaju@gmail.com

    Suman Dutta completed his Masters in Political Science from Rabindra Bharati University and did his second Masters in Social Work from NetajiSubhas..... Read More

  • Upali Basu

    Email : upali22@gmail.com

    Upali Basu worked at GCP-JU during May 14th, 2007 till 31st June 2010. During her tenure she broadly worked on three projects: ‘Climate ..... Read More

  • Moumita Bhowmick

    Email: bhowmickmoumita1@gmail.com

    Moumita Bhowmick has completed her Graduation and Post graduation from Department of Economics, University of Calcutta in the year 2007 and 2009 re..... Read More

  • Surojit Bhandari

    Email: surojitbhandari.ju@gmail.com

    Phone:  98830-76115

    Surojit Bhandari did his graduation in Arts (B.A) in the year 2008 with “Journalism and Mass Communication” as one of the compulso..... Read More

  • Moumita Roy

    Moumita Roy was a member of GCP for the duration of 1 year – July 2008 to June 2009. During that period she worked on sectoral approaches to ..... Read More

  • Rimple Mehta

    Email: rimple.mehta@gmail.com

    Rimple Mehta worked as a Research Associate in Global Change Programme from August 2009 to March 2010. She worked on a KMC project titled "Soc..... Read More

  • Jayanta Talukder

    Email: jayanta131190@gmail.com

    Jayanta Talukder has completed his Graduation from the Department of Economics, Maulana Azad College, Calcutta University in 2013 and Post-Graduati..... Read More

  • Rajesh Bhattacharya

    Rajesh Bhattacharya has been working with Global Change Programme as a project assistant since October, 2014. Previously, he was associated with th..... Read More

  • Souran Chatterjee

    Email: souran.chatterjee@gmail.com

    Souran Chatterjee has been associated with GCP since 2010 while he was studying Bachelors in Economics from Calcutta University. Initially he used ..... Read More

  • Shreya Some

    E-mail: ayerhs7891@gmail.com

    Phone: 9748049028

    Shreya Some has been working as a project assistant in GCP-JU since January, 2016. Her research interests revolve around areas of Agriculture Econo..... Read More

  • Anmesha Sharma


    Anmesha Sharma graduated in Economics( Honours) from St .Xaviers college Mumbai in the year 2010. Post graduation she worked with Bank of America f..... Read More

  • Prasenjit Paul

    Email: paulprasenjit21@gmail.com 

    Prasenjit Paul obtained his Bachalor's of Technology in Civil Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology and Completed his Masters i..... Read More

  • Sajal Gayen

    Email: sajal_ju@yahoo.com 

    Sajal Gayen is presently a 2nd year of M.Tech student in Illumination Technology & Design, SISED, Jadavpur University. He Joined JU in 2016. Sa..... Read More

  • Sanjib Kumar Paul

    Sanjib Kumar Paul has been working with Global Change Programme as a project assistant since June, 2015. He started working as a field assistant in..... Read More