• Smita Sinha (Barua)

    Email : smitasinha.ee@gmail.com

    Smita Sinha (Barua) completed her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from MeghnadSaha Institute of Techology in the year 2010.She obtained her M.E in Electrical Engineering (Illumination Engg.) in 2014 from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.She worked with Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University (GCP-JU) since October, 2013 as a Research Associate in the project entitled “Proposal to study KMC installations to make them most Energy, Carbon and Economically efficient and formulation recommendations for the same Phase-I and II”, funded by the Kolkata Municipal Commission. She was working under the guidance of Dr. Joyasree Roy, Dr. Biswanath Roy and Dr. SuchandraBardhan. Her responsibilities included academic research (study of literature, field study, data analysis, report writing etc.), data collection, field survey, and certain administrative work related to the project.