• Gopa Ghosh

    Email : gopaghosh37@yahoo.com

    Gopa Ghosh has completed her undergraduate studies in Economics as a major from Bidhannagar Govt. College (2007) and obtained a post graduate degree from University of Calcutta (2009). She has done her M.Phil from Jadavpur University (2012) under the guidance of Prof. Joyashree Roy and her research work was on Status of Mitigation Strategies of Manufacturing Industries for West Bengal. In GCP-JU (2011-2013), her work responsibilities included research on climate change issues related to manufacturing industry of West Bengal as well as India, compilation of IMD (India Meteorological Department) weather data for further analysis, compilation BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) data of different industries and worked in the project of Fiscal Instruments For Climate Friendly Industrial Development In West Bengal and Orissa of CII. She is currently Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (formerly BESU). Presently she is working on sector wise energy demand analysis and status of mitigation strategies for West Bengal.