January 27, 2017

Short Term Course on

Global Change Programme-Jadavpur University is organizing a short term course on "Engineering & Materials for Sustainable Development"  during Januray 27, February 02, 2017 under Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN), MHRD, Govt. of India. The venue of the programme is Seminar Hall, Electrical Engineering Dept, Jadavpur University. 

The primary objectives of the course are as follows:
1. Exposing participants to the fundamentals of sustainable development discourse and evolving paradigm
2. Exposing participants to new emerging materials and application in various fields
3. Providing exposure to practical problems and their solutions, through case studies (some currently ongoing projects) in the field of water access, energy access and waste management in Indian context
4. Enhancing the capability of the participants to identify, control and remove unsustainability in current practices in the said fields

For more details, please see the event brochure